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I’ve been playing the piano since I was four. When I was in college I liked living in a dorm for the fact that there was a study basement with two individual rehearsal rooms with a piano in each. I’d be able to go there any time at night and play. Playing the piano is one of the biggest stress relief tactics for me. Whenever my mom made me practice she’d say things like “You’ll thank me for this later.” Now, living in a small Brooklyn apartment, unable to sleep, so stressed and mentally drained, I wish I was sitting infront of a row of keys infront of me. A few years ago I did thank my mom for making me learn. Thanks you for investing so much in my education, and the privilege of being able to grow up surrounded by beautiful instruments I now don’t really have the luxury of affording. For taking the time to watch me grow and learn the importance of practice, perseverance and hard work. If I could play you every beautiful song in the world I would.